Mathematicians Are Model Students


Fourteen Year 11 students took time out of their GCSE studies to stretch their mathematical skills to the next level with an Enrichment Day at Huddersfield University. The students were studying new branches of mathematics they haven’t seen before and were able to see new uses for the skills they have already learnt.

Sessions for students were held around: Mathematical Modelling in Biology, Fractals and Sequences, Möbius Strips and their properties, and Fluid Mechanics.

Students were able to construct a Sierpinski gasket looking at higher level sequences, make Möbius strips and were entertained by a presentation by Dr Flo on fluid mechanics using smoke rings.

It is hoped that many of these students will continue to study mathematics at A Level, and can now see the exciting branches of mathematics that are available to them to explore in the future.



Business Students Experience University Life



Recently, some 50 Year 13 Business students visited the Business department of Huddersfield University to experience life as a university student. After a workshop, which involved a team event to design and market a new chocolate product to fill a gap in the market, students enjoyed a tour of the campus and facilities, and a question and answer session with the course leader and current students from the university.

[blockquote align=”center” cite=”Sam Willows”]I really enjoyed the trip to Huddersfield University.  It has greatly helped me choose what I wish to study in the future.[/blockquote]

This was an invaluable insight into studying a range of business courses at university level and allowed students to gain an insight into the admissions process at the same time. As well as the Business focus, students also gained help in how to apply for University and write their personal statement which is a very important part of the University selection process.


[blockquote align=”center” cite=”Salihah Kamran”]Our visit to Huddersfield University was very useful and helpful at this stage. Understanding the university environment and courses has helped shape my opinion on going to university.[/blockquote]




Students Discover The Sweeter Side Of Business


Students studying GCSE Business were able to investigate how theory is put into practice with a recent visit to Cadbury’s. The chocolate giant is one of the biggest manufacturers in the UK and hence was an ideal case study for discovering how a firm of such a size operates.

As well as taking a tour and finding out how the process of manufacturing chocolate has changed over the years, students also had the opportunity to take part in a taste test.


[blockquote align=”center” cite=”Nicola Sharpe (New Year 10)”]During my visit to Cadbury World with school, I learnt many things to do with business and food technology. One of the many things was what they do on the packet to make sure it’s clear for the amount of calories in each bar, this made it clear to customers the amount of calories in each one. This is useful to me to spot these type of things in the future.

We learnt a lot about their business and some of the processes they do when making a new chocolate bar. This was a great opportunity to learn more about businesses and what they do to make the business successful. I enjoyed going on the trip as I learnt a lot whilst having a good time![/blockquote]


Being The Best At The Spelling Bee


On the evening of Thursday 10th July 2014, twenty-six tense yet very excited Year 7 students from secondary schools and academies across Kirklees, together with teachers, governors and parents, gathered in the Business Centre at Huddersfield University for the third spellathon which is organised by the Kirklees Schools ‘More Able’ network and sponsored by Moor End Academy. The announcers of the words comprised of six Sixth Form students from The Mirfield Free Grammar (Abigail Butterworth and Daniel Furness), Huddersfield New College and Greenhead.

The finalists chosen for the Kirklees competition, all aged between 11 and 12, had been chosen through spelling heats held at the participating schools. At The MFG each student had gone through to the final by competing against other students in their year group in events held through the “Be the Best You Can Be” Programme. This year Eva Davies, Chloe Starkie and Matthew Talbot were our fabulous spelling ambassadors who represented The MFG.

After many tightly fought rounds lasting one and a half hours, Matthew Talbot was an excellent competitor and fought into round two, Chloe Starkie came a triumphant fifth overall and Eva Davies achieved an amazing fourth place position. The eventual winner was from Salendine Nook who was awarded an engraved glass trophy and fifty pounds cash prize.

It proved to be a fantastic event with the parents urging the schools to hold another one next year. The parents and teachers, although as nervous as the students, really enjoyed the evening and the atmosphere was electric.


Le Tour de Mirfield


Over a two week period, students from Year 8-10 have participated in their own ‘Le Tour de Mirfield’ event in Physical Education lessons to share in the exciting experience of the Tour De France coming to Yorkshire. All students have risen to the challenge, cycling over 200km in their teams each lesson.

Students have completed factual quizzes on the tour, created posters to celebrate the event and tracked their own progress, in kilometres, in line with the real race. The atmosphere in the back sports hall has been electric as students have fought with each other, on the X Bikes, to be the leader of their forms competition.